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Alpine Aurora & Co.

Bronwynn Sept 17th Invoice

Bronwynn Sept 17th Invoice

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Green opal 142B

Kitty ghost 99

Orca agate on stand 122.40 

Zebra calcite skull 75A

Druzy agate eye ball 94.35

Peach moonstone heart 38B

Unicorn stone bracelet 22

Orange calcite ducky 68K

Orange/zebra calcite moon bowl 55

Polychrome jasper palm stone 19S

Morganite earrings 45A

Rafe's choice geode 10

Total: $789.75

Thank you SO much Bronwynn! 💗 (expect to find a few extra goodies in your order!!) Please use the code BRONWYNN15 for 15% off your order at checkout 

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