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Pam Oct 1st Invoice

Pam Oct 1st Invoice

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Mookaite sphere 85

mookaite sphere 69

mookaite sphere 83

mookaite sphere 77

mushroom opalite women 33A

Desert rose 155B

Black sunstone mini spheres 2 for 34

Alacam amethyst 30J

Alacam amethyst 11A

Alacam amethyst 8R

Blue aragonite 38

Blush optical calcite 29

Tanzanite ring (size 9) 79

Red Aventurine bracelet 26

labradorite bracelet 25

Aquatine lemurian calcite bracelet 33

pyrite wolf 26

gold obsidian bat 25 

dream amethyst cat bowl 30A

fire Quartz tower 30D

opal 29D

opal 29P

Opal 26B

total: $1010

Thank you so so much Pam! ☺️🫶💗 Much appreciate the support! Please use the code PAM10 for 10% off your entire order 


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