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Alpine Aurora & Co.

Pam Sept 17th Invoice

Pam Sept 17th Invoice

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Orange/zebra calcite mountain 60C

Calcite slab 118T

Rose quartz jordans 58B

Polychrome jasper palm 18E

Polychrome jasper palm 20T

Polychrome jasper palm 17A

Marble kitty ghost 99C

Rose quartz hello kitty 26A

Pink opalite (frosted) hello kitty 26D

Orange/zebra calcite moon bowl 55E

Honey calcite 22B

Peach moonstone 35R

OJ tower 155B

Silver obsidian bracelet 20

Unicorn stone bracelet 22

Total: $751

Thank you so so much Pam! 💗 We appreciate your support so much! Please use the code PAM15 to redeem 15% off your order at checkout


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